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What my Students have to say...


“I am impressed with how I have developed my drawing skills.  Your methods of teaching particularly helped me because you approached
every task with ease.   When I asked you for assistance you always seemed to give me the answer by asking me a question that way I was
forced to answer it myself.  You have given me the confidence I needed to develop my skills I would definitely recommend your to workshops
to everybody”.  Jackie Green



“Learned that "seeing" is more precise than believing  (i.e. what you think ain't necessarily what's there).  I always felt encouraged  with each small step and inspired to carry on.  Thanks.” Jon Bradley



“I made the transition into my “right” brain!  I feel I can draw! (With more practice, I’ll be famous).  Thank you for simplifying and explaining and showing me the path”.  Joyce Logie



“You have both inspired me and instructed on how to stretch my thinking (and canvas) and provided knowledge (and skill) on the framework for my finished ideas.  I have truly grown”. Dorothy Byrne Jones



“I learned that everything in art  is OK.  Everything is acceptable”. ("I wish I could draw" class)



“When I was a child I took piano and ballet lessons ... I never became a pianist or ballerina but  I did receive  an appreciation for them.

I liken my drawing class to the same experience.  I appreciate with greater depth.  When I see a painting, I may not want it hanging on my wall, but I can understand the lines, curves, negative spaces and have a great appreciation for what the artist saw.  Above all, I realise, how much patience an artist has.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this class, and yes... I can draw better.  Thank you Sandy”. Margie. ("I wish I could draw" class)



“The class was fun, there was room for expression; and laughter.  Sandy nurtured the little spark of creativity in me, gave me confidence and tailored the classes to my level of comfort and knowledge.  Thanks Sandy”.  Colleen Bradley.



“I never thought I could draw faces.  You are a great teacher because you do not criticise but encourage.  Thanks for making it fun even through the more difficult things”.  Liz Ho



“Thanks for inspiring me to look with the eyes of an artist!  With your guidance I have had the courage and new vision to see so much more”.



Thank you for sharing your love and enthusiasm of “art making” with us. Congratulations also for dancing through my numerous artistic “tantrums” with me!  You make learning fun! Your thoughtful and kind comments, and inspirational writings will live within my being for
all time. Ava Zarinski

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