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Nursery Mural

I painted another mural recently, in acrylics on my grandson's nursery wall in Australia. I could have carried on all the way around the room I was having so much fun! There's a cat family living in the tree-house; and a bluebird is delivering their mail while the others are just hanging out. We're not sure who is in the pail, but the dragonfly seems curious while the squirrel can't decide whether to visit them, or the wombat who just popped out of the tree. The fairy is sitting on the ladder engrossed in her conversation with the butterfly. Then there's the "grounded" population! So many stories for the family to weave. Murals are one of my favourite things to do. Let me know if you'd like one in your home.

sandybrand mural.jpg

#sandybrand #mural #kids #wallpainting #paintings

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