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Clang crash ...

There is a hidden gem in our midst in Innisfil, up a little side-street in Cookstown. It has had a number of lives, including having been the Town Hall, but it is now our local thriving Theatre.

This is where I come to enjoy painting "really big". I paint their backdrops for them, usually with paint on rollers with extension poles. The latest bit of fun became a golf course.

The vase above was an old dirty green tin vase that I transformed into an "antique English treasure" for "The Fox on the Fairway" which was their last farce. I painted it with acrylic paint, twice, as I wasn't satisfied with my results the first time. It got thrown from person to person in the show, and I did enjoy watching the audience's faces as they waited with baited breath for it to drop and smash. I'm glad the actors managed to catch it too, as the audience might have heard it's metal body clang on the floor. I believe our clever sound people had that event covered though, so if they were fast enough the sound would have been covered up by a crash of breaking porcelain.

If you missed the last play be sure to come to "Hats! The Musical" which will run from April 9th - 26th. They liked my golf course and are keeping it as the view outside an apartment window this time.

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