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Thought I'd give you a peek into my studio this week, while it's tidy! Teaching is a great thing, makes me clear stuff up and tidy a bit. I'm painting on a little canvas hung on the wall here, but I also have a big easle that I built onto the back of my "coat cuboard", and it has lockable wheels, so I can turn it around easily when a class comes in, then they get their cuboard with a notice board on the doors.

I like to hang up the tools I use most often so they're easy to get at. My palette is a surgical tray (now with many layers of acrylic paint on it). But usually I don't use it, I just dip my brush into whatever "pot" of paint I need and work the colors together as much as I want on the canvas. Oh, and I always stand or walk around while I'm painting, I just pull the colors I want to use to the end of the table nearest me.

#sandybrand #mural #kids #wallpainting #paintings #trees #rappel #cave #Mike #rope #gorge #flag #Canadian

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