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While away the cats will play

OK, "cat and dog", they just had their summer holiday too though. Preened and pampered walked and waited on; in fact just loved to pieces! I am SO lucky to have friends who love my pets as much as I do. They seem to revel in being part-time pet owners, and I get that.

Fall's approaching, and if you haven't registered for my drawing or painting classes yet please do. I still have space for you. Come and play with me!

I'm just back from playing in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island where I have family. With a three year old around I got to be on swings and roundabouts, to play with sand and water, ride bikes, swim, crash trucks and all the other good stuff someone that age (and my age), enjoys.

I painted a mural outside. But the big thing is that I learned some amazing new paiting tecniques (for inside), using photo transfers, plaster, friskets and paint all sealed inside a waxed package at the end! I'm going to have to offer a course on this soon. It really is SO neat and makes wonderful personalised gifts.

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