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Nestling in Nanaimo

I'm lucky enough to have been away visiting family and having an awesome reunion, even with our Australian contingent who have a twenty month old son now.

This sketch was done out trolling on board my son's boat one sunny evening, round the corner from the main town. Here the houses are multiplying, crawling up those magnificent tree clad hills.

Austen's old neighbour was great at reviving old stories of the area. One was about his Dad telling him and his brothers to "buy that hill", as it had come on the market for five thousand dollars many years ago; there wasn't much else around in those days though and they couldn't see any reason to spend all their money on a hill. Ah, hindsight's a great thing.

As usual on vacation, I drew, (while encouraging the children to draw too), and used my watercolour pencils. I'll show you more soon.

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