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Little paintings?

Do you have a painting above your bed? I know I always have. Many people look at my larger paintings and say that they "don't have space for anything that big"; think again. The four by five foot acrylic on canvas painting above that I created many years ago is in the bedroom of one of my clients, and she tells me it has given her many years of pleasure.

The living room in my little cottage has a painting on the wall this now that is 65" tall and 85" wide. I'm lucky enough to be able to keep changing the paintings around for different ones, I just happen to have a few around after almost 40 years making art!

Speaking of my stock of work ... give me a call and come over and see them. They are all for rent as well as purchase, and it will only cost you about the same as your cuppa at Timmy's each day.

Press "read more" to see the painting over the bed a bit better. This was created about 1980 when I was working out of the basement of our home with four little boys running around.

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