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A Month in the life of ...

What a terrific month. I've had work at the Stroud Library (that show is now down), at the Mad and Noisy Gallery in Creemore ("Art Inspired by Music"), and at South Simcoe Art Council's Offices in their exhibition called "Fresh Paint".

On Saturday (June 18th) I will be taking part in "BATTLE OF THE BRUSHES" in Alliston at Mill Street and the Boyne river's edge on the North side of Victoria Street in their downtown. Loads of artists will be given half an hour to create an 18x24" canvas painting using only the three primaries and black and white. There will be several rounds starting at 11am and ending at 1.30 followed by a silent Auction at about 2.

Entertainment will be provided by Tara Tuma.

This Friday night MAD AND NOISY GALLERY are having their EXHIBITS AWARDS NIGHT from 5.30-8.30pm. I do hope you will come out. Creemore is such a lovely little town with lots of good eating places as well as terrific art.

I also took part in one of the ("Fourplays"), plays at Cookstown's Wingding Weekend. The one I was in was called "ETD" (yes, Estimated Time of Death!). It's only taken me 69 years to become a tree in a play ... but what a tree. We had lovers tiffs between me and the sapling I grew up with, making up of course, being banded by the Parks folks, lots of puns, hilarity and drama and then the final surprise destruction, by lightening. We even had a chance to ask the author, Martha Morris, questions at the end of our performance.

AND two of my sons came over and built me a kayak "dock" so I can get in and out of my kayak easier. What an amazingly blessed life I lead!

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