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Fall Garden

Barrie Art Club had me over one evening to talk about abstracting what you see and demonstrate how I go about it. I showed them how you could take a landscape, (or any other image or painting you have already done), select a very small part of it and let it grow. Then I had to veer off to what I do, which is start, or go back to, a feeling, that feeling having a colour and approximate shape, then I let my canvas tell me what to do rather than me telling it what to do. They saw how I painted, fairly fast, dipping the same brush into all the pots, mixing my colours on the canvas, sometimes spreading the acrylic paint with a spatula and using my fingers a lot and occasionally a rag ... Sorry if this description is rather vague, you really have to be with me. Come to one of my classes!

The top image is the finished piece. It turned into a vertical and called itself Fall Garden, so I knew it was "done".

They are currently having their abstracts show, I went to their opening last weekend and was very impressed by many of the pieces. They are such wonderful people too, it was nice to hang out with them again. I hope you'll drop by and see it, just north of Dunlop East of the highway.

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