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You CAN paint

Taken step by step watercolour is a very manageable media that everyone can use. All you need is the willingness to try. Each month I have an "open studio" for 2 1/2 hours that usually has only 3-6 of you working in it, which leaves me lots of time to spend with each of you individually.

So many of us had teachers in school who told us what we did was no good, or else they told us to do "x' but did not show or tell us how to so we felt like failures at 'art'.

Perhaps you're happy creating abstracts with acrylic that's great too, and I can help you learn more about composition, colour, size, contrasts, shape, and visual or real texture choices. I can show you how to abstract something if you like. There are no end of fantastic artistic things to do! I'm always learning and experimenting in new ways despite having a couple of Fine Art Degrees.. Everything is possible so come and play with me.

Let me help you.

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