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B.C. adventures

Sandy "cleaned up" with the happy couple; Sandy covered in wet mud, and one of the brothers in the powder

I'm just home from a fabulous "destination wedding" in Whistler where Claire was 'officially' welcomed into our family when my second son married her. Home for them and their son Ranger is in Australia; the bride's Mom and Dad were even with us all in B.C. The fairy tale came true in a large home above the village where about forty of us gathered coming from Maui, Australia, the US and all over Canada amidst candle-light and flowers cradled by the huge beams of that beautiful house.

The top photo shows Sandy "cleaned up" with the happy couple and the lower ones are a wet and muddy Sandy in her element and one of her sons in his element on his board in the powder!

My four sons, four daughters in law and their seven children aged two to eight celebrated getting together in every way possible. The brothers went cat-skiing forging fresh tracks and memories on the mountain sides. All the children were skiing, skating, tubing, making snow men and shoving them down. They slid down icey slopes and then climbed back into the hot tub, danced, ate and relaxed by the firelight. I so enjoyed having all of them together. I managed to do some drawing while I was there, I'll show you some soon.

Part of the time I was in Nanaimo where my eldest son and his family live. He has the "4x4" that I was playing with in the picture above. They also have a new puppy who I watched growing into his enormous paws!

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