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Whistle(r) while you work?

This is the little watercolour that I did of Whistler for Clay and Claire's wedding. Claire's Mom, who is also an artist did a lovely woodcut print of the cove in Australia that they had their marriage service at as well. Copies of both were given to lots of the guests at the wedding in B.C. tied together with a jute twine my dad would have approved of ... he bought used jute sacks, sorted, mended, restamped and sold them again for most of his life.

I'm settling into my life back in the Studio and enjoying painting again, although I do miss all the activity of having so many people around and the joy of the children's voices. I've made greeting cards from some of the sketches I did while I was away and they turned out well. Last weekend's class here was fun with lots of activity. I'll show you next time I do a blog.

Thanks for dropping in and reading this. Have a wonderful day.

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