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The Christmas Show

Despite a sorrowful soggy Santa parade, (but welcome to Alliston nevertheless), South Simcoe Arts Council's Shop successfully entered the Christmas spirit today with a dazzling display of amazing arts, beautifully presented, and lit up like an old fashioned Christmas tree. I keep finding new treasures everywhere I look. Members mingle sipping tasty mulled cider, new members multiplied, and presents were purchased to be squirrelled away for special people, perhaps for December 25th.

For me, the Yuletime season has truly begun albeit far from white. Today I can pretend I'm in Vancouver and leave my snow shovel in the shed. I look forward to seeing the lights in the Shop's entrancing window reflected and sparkling in the crisp white snow. I will hear the squeak and crunch of my boots outside, and pause to enjoy that magical window full of creative, imaginative mastery of all things artistic, and wish us all a happy enchanted Christmas season.

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