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As Fall approaches

Summer is a more active time for me, and as winter approaches I read more. I found the above somewhere and intend to read it soon. It's about Glasgow Art School where I went in my teens and twenties. A building inspired by Rennie Mackintosh's architecture, a historical Glasgow classic, now destroyed by fire, again. Hopefully they will rebuild from the ashes, but my heart aches for the history that is lost. Those squeaky old wide floorboards that so many artists trod on have gone. My dreams of being a "real artist" while drawing and painting in those huge drafty studios came true, but my dreaming remains a vivid memory of a place that is a hole in the ground now. I lost myself in painting there, and strangely at the same time I found and formed myself standing there by an easel.

My little owl sketch appeared last week. It felt appropriate for how I was feeling and for Fall, and he needed, like me, to be near mountains at that time.

I couldn't be near mountains, but did have an awesome kayak ride on two and three foot waves on Lake Simcoe with a friend, which pretty much made up for it.

Happy art-making!

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