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One of my prints from yesterday

I had a printmaking class in my studio yesterday, and we ran overtime we were all having so much fun.

We just printed from drawings we did on styrofoam, using water based inks and brayers, (rollers0 , to apply the ink onto the "plate". We did about three prints from one inking, and then printed different colours on top, sometimes moving our registration a little to show the under colour better. Sometimes we separated the plate into several parts and printed each leaving spaces between them - or not, using whatever colour seemed right at the time.

Loads of prospective cards were produced! They will be cut out and stuck on the front of a blank card, then perhaps a line forming a frame of reference may be drawn round it, leaving 1/8th of an inch on three sides and 2/8ths on the bottom to finish it off. Lots of playtime!

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