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Fabulous February

I just finished the painting above, which called itself "Spring will Come". I seem to know a few people who are willing winter to be on its way. It's only 24 x 36" but is a very happy little piece. I love this time of year as I can paint as much as I like in my cozy studio and there are no weeds to pull.

My granddaughters were over last weekend and were skating on the creek beside the house and on the lake with their Dad. It was a first for them, they have only skated on official "ice rinks" before. Last time they were out on that lake it was in a kayak! What a joy watching them all, I am the luckiest Granny around! We all had fun. Oh, did I mention that they are great little artists as well? It's always fun for them to paint in my studio and make as much mess as they like, and it doesn't matter. That's what it's for!

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