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The joys of Winter

That's one happy looking dog! She's Aiza, a Rodesian Ridgeback who lives with my family in Nanaimo B.C. frolicking in their snow and full of the joys of Winter. I'm enjoying it today in Alcona in Ontario, watching the snow cover the tree branches, defining the negative spaces I see there, painting a wonderland for me. There are tracks in the snow from rabbits, mink, deer and even a big black pussy cat that I occasionally see out there braving the cold. Meanwhile my cat Frankie goes to the door asking out, then when I open the door he just lifts and shakes one of his paws, gives me a dirty look as if he's reproaching me for not turning the heat up outside, and returns to lie on the heat vent. When I go out there is golden silence as the cool flakes fall on my shoulders and my nose; and I have a warm home to go back to nest in when I want to. Life is good.

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